Abbey Cone’s New Video for “If You Were a Song”: Embracing “Big Main Character Energy”

Abbey Cone’s Authenticity Shines in New Video: “I Hope Everyone Feels the Most Genuine Version of Me”


Abbey Cone Exudes Powerhouse Femininity in Music Video: “If You Were a Song”

In her latest music video for “If You Were a Song,” independent country singer Abbey Cone embraces a captivating mix of confidence and allure as she struts through Music City donning a bikini top and a fur coat.

The catchy and up-tempo love song was co-written by Cone with Nathan Spicer and Nate Cyphert, with Spicer also handling production duties. For the video, Cone took on a multi-faceted role, serving as co-producer and co-director alongside Midtown Motion.

Abbey Cone expressed her excitement about the video, stating that it perfectly captures the cinematic essence of the song while emanating “big main character energy,” a vibe she wanted to embody for her debut single release and music video as an independent artist. Cone praised the collaboration with Midtown Motion, highlighting their support in bringing her vision to life, from the initial ideation to the filming and editing process. The result is a visual portrayal that she believes represents the most authentic version of herself to date.

In a standout moment of the video, Abbey Cone dons a white button-up shirt over her bikini top and rides through Music Row, seated in the sunroof of a truck. This scene turned out to be her favorite part of the clip.

During the filming, Robby, the videographer, captured the scene from the truck bed, while two individuals inside the truck ensured Cone’s safety by holding onto her legs, preventing her from falling out.

Cone firmly believes that the vibey video truly reflects her artistry and who she is as a person. She hopes that everyone who watches the video will feel a genuine connection to her and the song, perceiving the most authentic version of herself to date. The experience has been incredibly empowering for Cone, and she passionately asserts that this project represents the most authentic expression of herself she has ever undertaken. She enthusiastically asks, “Can I say that? This rocks!”