Ashley McBryde Commemorates “The Devil I Know” Release with Full Live Performance

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Ashley McBryde: “You’re Experiencing This Album for the First Time, Just Like Us. That’s the Beauty of It – It’s Full of Surprises.”

Ashley McBryde marked the release of her second album in just 11 months with an exclusive gathering and live performance at Nashville’s Hutton Hotel’s Analog bar and event space.

At the event, McBryde’s guests enjoyed signature cocktails before the music began, after which they were asked to switch to wine to prevent the distraction of ice cubes clinking in glasses.

Cris Lacy, Co-Chair & Co-President of Warner Music Nashville, the label group of McBryde, praised her in front of the industry audience, emphasizing her significance in the country music format. Lacy humorously quoted one of McBryde’s new songs from her upcoming album, “The Devil I Know,” set for release on September 8, saying, “What happens out in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Sometimes it looks you up and calls your house.” Lacy highlighted McBryde’s unique ability to craft relatable lines. He went on to describe how the album reflects her journey of relearning to trust her instincts and make decisions based on her gut feeling, emphasizing that life often requires us to learn these lessons multiple times.

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McBryde captivated the audience by performing her new album from start to finish alongside her band, sharing the anecdotes behind each song. She kicked off her performance with the album’s opening track, “Made For This,” a song she co-wrote with Travis Meadows about the challenges of life on the road.

The lyrics include: “Cause most days you’re stuck in a truck, one big break from blowing up. One of these days you’re gonna get a bus and let somebody else drive. But right now it’s just Adderall, alcohol, the dressing room is a bathroom stall, but you turn it on when the big man calls, ’cause he ain’t gonna call you twice.”

“We wrote that in the garage – a very fancy garage,” McBryde humorously remarked. “Then, when we went to record it, I texted Travis and said, ‘I think we should change some of these lyrics because things have changed.’ Even though this was our pep talk to each other and ourselves.”

McBryde observed Lainey Wilson and Ashland Craft, who were on the road with her at the time, facing the same hardships that many emerging artists encounter, such as having their equipment stolen. She offered them some advice during that challenging period.

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“It’s going to be okay; you just have to endure this tough period,” McBryde reassured her fellow artists facing challenges in the music industry.

She also revealed the backstory of “Light On In The Kitchen,” a song she co-wrote with Jessi Alexander and Connie Harrington. McBryde cherished the song so much that she worried it might not make it onto the album. However, it ultimately became one of the lead singles.

“I joke about it,” McBryde remarked. “We all joke about it, but the songs you love the most often don’t make the record. Then, it did.”

She concluded, “You’re all experiencing this album for the first time, just as we are. That’s part of its beauty – I have no idea what’s going to happen.”

Country music enthusiasts can listen to “The Devil I Know” when it drops on Friday.