“Billy Ray Cyrus proudly joins his son Braison onstage for his debut at the Grand Ole Opry, expressing his immense pride in this exclusive moment.”

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“After his debut at the Grand Ole Opry on July 6, Braison Cyrus tells PEOPLE, ‘It was a privilege to share the stage with my father at such an iconic venue.'”

Billy Ray Cyrus is backing his son, Braison, as he pursues a musical career of his own. Braison recently marked his performance debut at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry on July 6, where the 30-year-old musician shared the stage with his 62-year-old father, a country music icon who expressed deep pride in their collaboration.

“It was a true full-circle moment, standing with my son Braison Chance Cyrus in the sacred Opry circle,” Billy Ray told PEOPLE in a statement. “I’ve never felt more proud.”

Braison, whose debut album “Javelina” came out in 2021, was deeply moved by the experience. “It was a privilege to perform with my dad at such a legendary venue,” he shared. Recently, he announced on Instagram that he’s been working on new music.

“I enjoy spending time with my dad, whether it’s riding dirt bikes or taking walks. But every now and then, getting on stage with him to play music, which we’re both passionate about and excel at, is amazing,” Braison added. “Being on the Opry stage feels surreal, especially doing it with my dad.”

The performance also featured longtime band members who have collaborated with Billy Ray for over three decades, including drummer Eddie Bayers, who played on the recording of his 1994 single “Storm in the Heartland.”

“Eddie tragically lost his son in a motorcycle accident during the time we were making that music. Opening with ‘Storm in the Heartland’ and standing there with my son—it felt like another full-circle moment,” Billy Ray reflected.

“I felt like Eddie’s son was part of the band. He was there in spirit—alongside my dear friend Joe Scaife, a legendary producer who, besides my own father, had a profound impact on my life,” said Billy Ray, known for “Achy Breaky Heart.” “Joe, who passed away last month, was the one who first played me a demo cassette titled ‘Don’t Tell My Heart.’ He produced ‘Storm in the Heartland.’ They were all there, all the legends!”