Brad Paisley Releases Poignant New Music Videos Spotlighting the Charms and Challenges of Appalachia

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Brad Paisley: “With every heartbreak, you find resilience and strength. You learn from those experiences. Witnessing it in my hometown is heartbreaking because you see the trials they’ve endured, and you see their relentless fight for survival.

Paisley intentionally released these four songs in this particular order to illustrate the journey he embarked on while composing the music for his forthcoming album. Hailing from West Virginia, Paisley emphasized that this compilation “doesn’t avoid reflecting the realities and genuine circumstances happening in America and our world today. This is what, in my opinion, defines country music – it’s about authenticity.”

“Son Of The Mountains” and “The Medicine Will” both offer reflections on the Appalachian region, which includes Brad Paisley’s hometown of West Virginia. The emotionally charged videos, directed by Jim Shea and edited by Paisley himself, capture the essence of each song.

In “Son Of The Mountains,” notable musicians Dan Tyminski and Jerry Douglas join Paisley, and the video showcases the natural beauty of his home state. Meanwhile, “The Medicine Will” sheds light on the opioid epidemic, filmed in black and white within a coal mine, featuring the authentic stories of individuals affected by addiction, survivors, and the first responders who assist them.

Paisley expressed the profound impact it had on him, stating, “It’s heart-wrenching. But with every heartbreak, it also strengthens you a bit. You learn from it. Seeing the condition of the people in my native West Virginia, it breaks your heart because you witness the trials they’ve endured, and you see their unwavering fight for survival.”