Cody Johnson Discusses Hit Track “The Painter,” Latest Release “Dirt Cheap”

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Cody Johnson expresses that “Dirt Cheap” communicates his sentiments regarding his experiences as a rancher.

Cody Johnson attributes his recent No. 1 hit, “The Painter,” to the influence of his wife, Brandi, suggesting she has a special touch. The song, dedicated to her, marks his second chart-topper on the Billboard Country Airplay charts.

With over 200 million global streams, “The Painter” stands as Johnson’s most streamed single. Penned by Benjy Davis, Kat Higgins, and Ryan Larkins, and produced by Trent Willmon, the heartfelt track holds significance for Johnson, particularly in the lyric “For every wall I built, she saw a canvas,” which he feels encapsulates his enduring marriage with Brandi.

Their bond, lasting over 15 years, is a testament to this sentiment, and Johnson hopes listeners will be inspired to cherish the people who bring beauty to their lives upon hearing the song.

Johnson expressed that “The Painter” evokes vivid imagery for him, reflecting moments from his life with his wife. He sees both the highs and lows, the good and bad times, including instances where they faced challenges but persevered. Most importantly, the song reminds him of his daughters.

He emphasized that “The Painter” and “Dirt Cheap” authentically represent him and his journey, hence his decision to make them prominent in his career. As a Texas native, he’s excited to have more creative control at this stage, particularly with “Dirt Cheap,” which he holds dear and has chosen as his latest single for country radio from his album “Leather.”

Johnson emphasized his desire for listeners to grasp his perspective on being a rancher through the song.

The lyrics encapsulate scenes such as a wide oak tree with a cross marking the burial site of his best friend, alongside a puppy seeking shade, reflecting his wife’s compassionate nature towards strays. The song culminates with the realization that with such precious elements in his life, there’s no reason to leave. This sentiment is underscored with the refrain “And you can’t buy that kind of dirt cheap.”

Johnson is set to continue his headlining “The Leather Tour” starting March 15 at the Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis.