Garth Brooks Introduces Tailgate Radio, His Fresh Blend of Music and Sports Broadcasting

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Garth Brooks on Tailgate Radio Launch: “This Merges the Shared Passion for Sports and Music in a Long-Awaited Concept”

Garth Brooks continues to expand his SEVENS Radio Network, and the latest addition to his broadcast lineup is Tailgate Radio with Maria Taylor.

Reflecting on this innovative concept, Brooks remarked, “It’s one of those ideas that makes you wonder why it wasn’t done sooner. It brings together people’s shared enthusiasm for both sports and music. Not only does it enhance your tailgate, barbecue, or poolside gathering without any extra effort, but there’s an abundance of music on this channel that will make TAILGATE RADIO an instant favorite for everyone.”

Tailgate Radio is accessible through TuneIn and seamlessly merges TuneIn’s comprehensive sports coverage, including detailed updates on the 2023 College Football season. The channel serves to elevate fans’ pregame experience, keep them engaged throughout the event, and provide a festive atmosphere for celebrating victories once the game concludes.

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The renowned American sportscaster Maria Taylor will leverage her accumulated expertise to curate playlists that enhance the listening and gaming experiences of fans.

Reflecting on her collaboration with Garth Brooks and his foundation, particularly in developing the PowHER program for mentoring middle school girls, Taylor expressed her excitement about joining forces for Brooks’ visionary endeavor with Tailgate. She shared, “Being selected by someone of Garth’s caliber to be a partner in the radio realm is an incredible honor.”

Tailgate Radio, set to launch in time for college football season, will encompass the following features:

  1. Tailgate Top 20 with Maria: This weekly countdown, hosted by Maria Taylor, will showcase the 20 most significant songs from a specific year across various genres, accompanied by highlights of major sports events from that year.
  2. Block Party: A 4-hour Saturday Night Mixshow featuring an eclectic mix of artists ranging from Luke Combs to Beyoncé to Eminem.
  3. Tailgate Takeover: Celebrities and athletes, commencing with Garth Brooks, will take turns as guest hosts of the show. Listeners will gain insight into the music and playlists that resonate with their favorite stars.

Tailgate Radio, the second channel introduced on Garth Brooks’ SEVENS Radio Network, is exclusively available on TuneIn. The first station, The BIG 615, launched in June with host Storme Warren, has swiftly garnered immense popularity, becoming one of the platform’s most favored stations among a global audience.