“Kelsea Ballerini and Noah Kahan release heartfelt country ballad ‘Cowboys Cry Too’ — Explore the original text that sparked their collaboration.”

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

“The track serves as the lead single for Kelsea Ballerini’s upcoming fifth studio album, which has yet to be officially announced.”

“Kelsea Ballerini and Noah Kahan have unveiled their anticipated collaboration, ‘Cowboys Cry Too,’ a heartfelt country ballad released on Friday, June 28. The song delves into themes of emotional vulnerability and stoic masculinity, reassuring listeners that it’s acceptable for anyone, including cowboys, to express their feelings.

The duo teased the track earlier in the week with cryptic Instagram posts, including a handwritten note from Ballerini to Kahan asking, ‘You a cowboy yet?’

During an interview on the Wayne D Show, Ballerini shared that she first met Kahan at the 2024 Grammy Awards in February, where they discussed her 2016 hit ‘Peter Pan.’ ‘He mentioned how he admired that song and its hook,’ Ballerini recalled. ‘There was an instant songwriter synergy between us.'”

“When crafting ‘Cowboys Cry Too,’ a tribute to ‘the emotional men in my life,’ Kelsea Ballerini immediately thought of Noah Kahan for his willingness to delve deep into emotions. His verse, she noted, elevated the song significantly.

On Friday,”

“In May, Kelsea Ballerini and Noah Kahan performed a captivating medley at the Academy of Country Music Awards, blending Ballerini’s 2023 power ballad ‘Mountain with a View’ with Kahan’s hit ‘Stick Season.’ Their collaboration culminated in shared harmonies and a heartfelt hug amid a standing ovation from the audience.

Ballerini announced on June 26 that ‘Cowboys Cry Too,’ the lead single from her upcoming album, marks the beginning of a new musical chapter. She expressed immense pride and excitement in unveiling this song.”

“In a recent interview with PEOPLE earlier this month, Kelsea Ballerini revealed that she had completed all filming for her upcoming album, hinting at a visual representation she was able to bring to life. Reflecting on her preparation, she expressed feeling more organized than ever before. ‘This feels like the most prepared I’ve been,’ she shared. ‘It’s really satisfying to have everything planned out and not feel rushed.'”

“Shortly after, Kelsea Ballerini seemingly confirmed on Instagram that she had completed recording her new album, sharing a carousel of studio photos and videos with the caption ‘album: recorded.’

The Tennessee native’s upcoming album follows her dynamic performance at CMA Fest 2024 earlier this month, where she premiered live renditions of tracks from her recent EP ‘Rolling Up the Welcome Mat.’ Ballerini surprised fans with the Grammy-nominated EP, which delves into her divorce from fellow country artist Morgan Evans, releasing it on Valentine’s Day in 2023 and expanding it with an extended version the following August.”

“Reflecting on her journey, Kelsea Ballerini shared with PEOPLE earlier this month, ‘I was really, really nervous about how to follow up ‘Welcome Mat’ because it changed my life and career so profoundly. I was unsure where to go next. That album was about such a specific experience that I’ve moved beyond, and it took me a few months to figure out the next steps.’

In addition to her music career, Ballerini has embraced new challenges, recently joining the judging panel for Season 27 of ‘The Voice.’ Alongside music icons John Legend and Michael Bublé, and with Adam Levine returning for the first time since 2019, Ballerini expressed excitement about her role: ‘I’ve been on set in various capacities before, but stepping into the role of a coach is going to push me in new ways and provide a fresh opportunity.'”