“Maren Morris Releases Liberating Rendition of Billy Idol’s ‘Dancing with Myself’: ‘I Embraced Complete Freedom’”

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

The music video for her latest single features Morris joyfully dancing through a Nashville record store.

Maren Morris is embracing her independence.

The 33-year-old musician recently released a cathartic, downtempo cover of Billy Idol’s 1981 classic “Dancing with Myself.”

Accompanying the single is a music video featuring Morris wearing sunglasses, a leather trenchcoat, white tank top, and jeans as she dances through Grimey’s Records in East Nashville. The visual pays homage to the spirit of the 2000 film High Fidelity.

Captioning a clip of the music video on Instagram, Morris wrote, “dancing with myself because it’s more fun. teamed up with @visiblemobile to celebrate independence with my version of ‘Dancing with Myself.'”

In a heartfelt note shared on Instagram Stories, Maren Morris opened up about her connection with Billy Idol’s hit and the concept behind the music video.

“Lately I’ve wondered if we truly ever get to be a ‘new’ version of ourselves. It seems too flighty a concept for me for some reason. Getting to say you’re a new person feels more like a lobotomy than self-growth (but then again, I’m a textbook overthinker). I buy more into the theory that we’re a blank page slowly getting colored in, and by the end of our lives, the page is fully finished. I have endured a lot of change this past year, but I still feel like I’m the same me, just more colored in. I’m weightless, unbound, and glowing in my new hues,” the “Circles Around This Town” artist shared.

Morris explained that at the beginning of 2024, she decided to cover one of her “longtime favorite songs” by Idol because it has always been a “beautifully melancholic anthem” for her.

“It also captures where I am at right now; a little blue but a lot relieved. Dancing through my feelings and shaking off the expired layers that no longer strengthen me,” she expressed.

The singer described filming the music video at the Nashville record store as ideal for her.

“It felt like the perfect backdrop for this moment: me getting to reclaim my town, surrounded by my favorite artist’s works, dancing up and down the vinyl aisles like I’m starring in High Fidelity. I think it was the first time I truly gave zero f—s while filming. I felt safe and worked out my stagnant grief and newfound hope with each take. It was a cathartic color I hadn’t seen in myself yet. Nothing scares me anymore,” she added.

Morris reminded fans that “YOU are your longest relationship in this life, and you deserve happiness.”

“I also hope this song keeps you fed while I focus on songwriting. I will say, what I’ve been writing these last several months has surprised the hell out of me and is igniting a pilot light in me I didn’t realize had been burned out for so long,” the Grammy winner wrote.

She concluded with gratitude: “I appreciate your patience and support while I process my new life surroundings in the songwriting crucible. It’ll be ready when it’s ready! I love and miss you all so much.”

In October, Morris initiated divorce proceedings with Ryan Hurd after being married for five years. Their divorce was finalized by a Nashville judge in late January, as per documents acquired by PEOPLE, citing irreconcilable differences.

The artist behind “The Middle” released an EP in September, including tracks like “The Tree” and “Get the Hell Out of Here,” signaling her departure from certain aspects of the country music scene.

During an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Morris revealed her intentions to release future music through Columbia Records rather than Columbia Nashville. She also discussed her choice to take a step back from the industry, expressing a sense of detachment from its dynamics and politics.

She commented, “I initially thought about dismantling everything and starting anew. However, it seems the industry is undergoing its own transformation without my intervention.”