Miranda Lambert hints at her upcoming album, describing it as “authentically country.” She emphasizes the Texan influence on the album, suggesting its roots are deeply tied to the Lone Star State.

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The singer’s previous album, ‘Palomino,’ dropped in 2022.

Miranda Lambert is embracing her roots for her forthcoming album. The 40-year-old musician spoke exclusively with PEOPLE at the Lone River Collective event in Frisco, Texas, where she disclosed that her next project would be deeply rooted in country music.

“I made this record in Texas. I hadn’t made an album in Texas since I was 18,” Lambert revealed. “I went down to Arlyn Studios in Austin, and Jon Randall, who’s my bestie and co-writer and co-producer, we worked together a lot.”

Returning to her home state felt like the perfect fit for this new phase of her career. “Just going home to Texas to make it felt really right for this new season and this new chapter,” she shared. “I signed with Republic Records … and this new team has just given me so much fire and inspiration, because it’s all about the music with them.”

Lambert is eager to unveil the new music, assuring fans it stays true to its country roots. “I’m really excited to share [the new music]. It’s very country. You can tell we made it in Texas.”

Lambert gave fans a taste of her upcoming album with the fiery track “Wranglers,” released on May 3. This album will mark her first solo release since 2022’s “Palomino.”

In 2023, the country star announced her departure from Sony Music after two decades. She later disclosed her signing with Republic Records in collaboration with Big Loud in April of the following year.

Expressing her excitement on Instagram, Lambert praised the new labels for their energy and support for her artistic vision. She emphasized their commitment to allowing her creative freedom while staying true to herself.

Before focusing on her new music, the “Mama’s Broken Heart” singer concluded her latest Las Vegas residency, “Velvet Rodeo,” on April 6.

As Lambert awaits the release of her forthcoming album, she’s staying occupied with her partnership with Lone River Ranch Water.

In conversation with PEOPLE about the hard seltzer and its founder, Katie Beal Brown, the Grammy Award winner expressed her admiration, stating, “First of all, I love her. She’s a female founder, she has a cocktail in a can … and she’s from Texas, so that’s three strikes of greatness. I feel very lucky.”

“When we met, we just really got along. She’s cool and chill, and I just believe in what she does,” she continued. “I just enjoy her personality and what she stands for, and so this felt like a great match.”

Lambert shared that the brand evokes memories of summertime and her family trips to Guadalupe River in South Texas over the years.

“Ranch Water is a perfect drink for that situation,” she explained.