Shania Twain expressed that she doesn’t harbor hatred towards her ex-husband for his affair, acknowledging it as “a significant mistake he has to live with.”

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

“It’s his mistake. Not my mistake,” Twain affirmed regarding her ex-husband Mutt Lange’s affair with her close friend Marie-Anne Thiébaud.

Shania Twain has expressed her lack of hatred toward her ex-husband Robert “Mutt” Lange despite his affair.

During the latest episode of the Great Company with Jamie Laing podcast, the Canadian singer, 58, discussed Lange, 75, whom she married in 1993 before their split in 2008 following his affair with her close friend Marie-Anne Thiébaud.

Twain subsequently married Marie-Anne’s then-husband Frédéric Thiébaud, 54. The couple exchanged vows in 2011 and remain happily married.

Speaking to host Laing on the May 28 episode about navigating forgiveness in her life, she shared, “Forgiveness is in the family of letting go. But forgiveness, more specifically for me anyway, is not about forgetting necessarily. It’s about understanding the other person, and that might mean that they’re wrong … Maybe you believe forever that whatever they did was wrong.”

Twain, who has a son named Eja, 22, with her ex-husband, further emphasized, “Do I hate my ex-husband for making a mistake? No. It’s his mistake. Not my mistake.”

“It’s truly unfortunate for him that he made such a significant mistake that he has to live with. And I don’t know what that is, but it’s not … That’s not my burden,” she elaborated.

The “You’re Still the One” hitmaker has been candid about her challenging upbringing and the abuse she endured emotionally and physically from her stepfather, Jerry.

In the conversation about forgiveness, Twain reflected, “My father’s a better example, okay, because this is someone that I completely forgive.”

“I understand that he wasn’t well, that certain behaviors stem from underlying issues. There’s a lack of stability,” the musician added.

“I feel sorry that he struggled with those problems. So, it’s not about him, not about, you know … So, it’s very challenging to harbor hatred or an inability to forgive someone whom you empathize with,” Twain continued.

“He’s a human being deserving of empathy and comprehension. I believe we all do, you know? Even if someone is a criminal, you don’t stop feeling for your own parent or, speaking for myself, I don’t,” Twain, who lost her mother Sharon and stepfather Jerry in a 1987 car accident, elaborated.

Twain’s recent remarks about her ex-husband follow her discussion about the affair on the Armchair Expert podcast last year.

The Grammy-winning singer revealed that her current husband Thiébaud handled the news far more gracefully than she did at the time. “He approached it with such thoughtfulness… It wasn’t easy for him, but he handled it with more wisdom,” she shared.

“I felt completely vulnerable about it, which was a new sensation for me because I had always felt stable. I genuinely believed I was secure, so that really shook me more than any other instability I had ever experienced,” Twain reflected during the conversation.