“The Oak Ridge Boys Commemorate Five Decades with Unchanged Line-Up”

Duane Allen Reflects on a Remarkable 50-Year Journey: “Join Us at Our Shows for a Memorable Celebration and Sing-Along!”


The Oak Ridge Boys, renowned for their country music classics like “Elvira” and “American Made,” are jubilantly celebrating their 50th anniversary. The current lineup, comprised of Duane Allen (joined in 1966), Joe Bonsall (joined in 1973), William Lee Golden (joined in 1965), and Richard Sterban (joined in 1972), has harmonized together for the past five decades. (Golden briefly departed from the group in the late ’80s to mid-’90s.)

In a statement, Joe Bonsall reflected, “I was 25 years old in 1973 when I became a part of The Oak Ridge Boys. Now, in 2023, at 75 years old, I’m still an Oak Ridge Boy. This journey has been and continues to be an incredible adventure.”

Richard Sterban added, “Singing alongside Duane, Joe, and William Lee has been a tremendous honor. We have been abundantly blessed. My life has been truly extraordinary, and I am grateful to the Lord above for it all.”


The Oak Ridge Boys’ illustrious career is adorned with numerous accolades, including four ACM Awards, four CMA Awards, five Grammy wins, and twelve Dove Awards. Their exceptional achievements have earned them esteemed memberships in the Grand Ole Opry, the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, the Vocal Group Hall of Fame, and the Country Music Hall of Fame. With an impressive collection of 17 chart-toppers, such as “Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight,” “Bobbie Sue,” “Trying To Love Two Women,” “(I’m Settin’) Fancy Free,” “American Made,” and “Elvira,” they have solidified their place in music history.

The group’s inception traces back to 1943 when they were brought together to perform for the families of sequestered nuclear plant employees. Two years later, they made their debut on the prestigious Grand Ole Opry stage.

William Lee Golden shared his sentiments, saying, “The history of The Oak Ridge Boys is intertwined with America’s history. It’s an honor to still be part of it. We are a family, and that will never change.”

Duane Allen expressed his excitement for the remarkable milestone, stating, “To be together with anyone for 50 years is an accomplishment, and we are celebrating! Join us at our shows and sing along!”