Thomas Rhett and Morgan Wallen Pay Touching Tribute to Their Grandmothers in ‘Mamaw’s House’

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Country music stars Thomas Rhett and Morgan Wallen have collaborated on a touching new song titled “Mamaw’s House.”

This heartfelt track was co-written by Rhett and Wallen, along with Chase McGill and Matt Dragstrem. It features a gentle tempo and allows both singers to express their deep appreciation for the sanctuary they’ve found in their grandmothers’ homes.

Rather than constructing an elaborate storyline, Rhett and Wallen convey their sincere emotions, creating a poignant portrayal of the cherished moments spent with their “mamaws.” The song resonates universally, evoking nostalgic memories of childhood visits to grandparents for listeners.

The song begins with a voice memo of Morgan Wallen excusing himself to take a phone call from his grandma.

“Sorry, everyone, my mamaw called me. I’ll be right back,” Wallen informs his friends. Shortly after, his grandmother’s voice is heard over the loudspeakers, greeting him with a warm, “What’s up Morgan?” Following this charming introduction, the song kicks off, with Wallen taking the lead in the first verse and chorus.

In the opening verse, Wallen reminisces, “It was always hotter than the grease she used to fry that chicken / Smelled like Marlboro Reds and all the butter from her biscuits / And that Lincoln in the driveway, circa 1982 / Was on the shiny side of rusty and on the paler side of blue / ‘Cussin and complainin’ weren’t allowed in Mamaw’s house.” These heartfelt lyrics are accompanied by the gentle strumming of acoustic guitar chords, painting a vivid picture of his memories.