“Thomas Rhett’s Clever Dad Trick for Capturing Smiles in Family Photos”

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Capturing a simultaneous smile from all four children for a camera is no small accomplishment, but thankfully, Thomas Rhett has a knack for employing dad tactics.

Rhett is nearly as renowned for his charming family as he is for his success in country music. The singer and his wife Lauren regularly offer glimpses into their family life, showcasing their four daughters, ranging from almost-two-year-old Lillie Carolina to eight-year-old Willa Gray.

Currently, the family is in the process of creating a special holiday photo. However, achieving a picture-perfect moment with all four kids wearing their brightest smiles proved to be a challenge. To maintain their focus, Rhett had to resort to a special strategy—cueing up Jack Black’s song “Peaches” from the Super Mario Bros. Movie soundtrack.

In an Instagram caption detailing the experience, the singer humorously shares, “How do you get all your kids to smile for Christmas card pictures and pretend like they are laughing when they are all on the verge of crying? Sing peaches at the top of your lungs.”

The accompanying video vividly illustrates the chaos of a family photo session during the holiday season. Rhett turns the camera to each daughter, capturing their squirming and pouting, all while dressed in matching red plaid shirts. Meanwhile, Rhett can be seen enthusiastically singing “Peaches,” with his wife Lauren joining in laughter.

“Peaches” holds a special place as a family favorite in Rhett’s household. On Halloween, he serenaded his second-to-youngest daughter, Lennon Love, who was dressed as Princess Peach as part of the family’s Nintendo-themed costume ensemble.